21 APRIL-11 MAY 2006

Grand opening on Friday 21 April on 19.00 hrs.

MYYMÄLÄ2 GALLERY has invited Rombout Oomen to curate a show of Dutch visual artists. The theme is based on the question weather war is a commercial product or a human tragedy or both. In this show the artists work together to enquire the theme and seek new ways of presenting their art. The exhibition is an installation where paintings, sculptures, fashion and installation-art are melted together to form an artistic visualization of the theme. The whole show is an information bomb, exploding into a dynamic, interesting and unconventional way of experiencing art. “Consume Toy” shows Finland the dynamic status of young Dutch art.
“Consume toy” is the first artshow of the trilogy “New terrortories”, a Dutch-Finnish collaboration on the theme War and Consuption.

The second show, “Terrortory”, will take place in the Muu gallery, also in Helsinki, from 30 June-23 July 2006. The theme of Terrortory is based on the theme of the first show. The difference is that Terrortory will be shown in public space together with a large group of Finnish artists. Terrortory is curated by Rombout Oomen and Bas van Doorn from Ki-osk daily artsupply, a Dutch art organisation specialised in presenting art in public spaces.

The Third show, called New Terrortory takes place in PAK////T Amsterdam in October 2006. This time Finnish artists co-operate in Amsterdam with Dutch artists.

Curator: Rombout Oomen

Rombout Oomen (1975, Dutch)
Jasper Kooper(1973, Dutch)
Supershirt collective (1980, 1975, 1975, Dutch)
Timo Baerwaldt (1968, Dutch)

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