Go´natt Finland

Since I graduated in 2005 I have been working in Pot Viapori, a ceramic-studio located in Suomenlinna, an island outside of Helsinki. Every day I take the ferry to work I consider myself very blessed. I get to do what I love in a highly creative environment. Clay is my main material, my first love, but I like combining it with other materials and use it in and with different techniques. I am fascinated with faces and with the human body and this is were I get my inspiration. Ever since I was a little girl I have been observing people, to the extend that sometimes people surely have found me highly irritating. I mainly make faces and figures and many of the pieces is either influenced by somebody I know very well, or somebody I might have seen on the ferry. Many times it has gone the other way around, after making a face I have seen the person “live”, and this I find a bit peculiar. Lately my faces have resembled a lot of death masks. I guess this has to do with my grandfather passing away not too long ago. I guess some people find my masks scary, but where they see death and something dark, I see something soothing and peaceful. The line between life and death is really thin and sometimes I have troubles separating the dream world from the real world.

Opening 14.02 18.00-21.00