ESTOMANIA – kunsti kahest rannast. (-Art From Two Shores)

In clear weather you may be able to see from Tallinn to Helsinki. Thousands of people travel from Helsinki to Tallinn every day. A submarine tunnel has been considered between the cities. The Finns like to make excursions to shabby Soviet-era bars in Tallinn, Estonians work and shop for cloths in Helsinki. Finnish artists consider moving to Tallinn for lower-priced rentals. The two capital cities are almost equal in population, languages resemble each other, residents feel the cohesion and interest towards each other. Yet there is also a wide range of differences in history, politics, architecture, culture – and in making art.

Estomania is an exhibition from Tallinn’s backyards, shores, attics, old industrial buildings, behind a tree, bunkers, ramshackle houses, outside the institutions, joy of doing things together, the relevance of art, romance, friendship, rebellion, beauty and glamor.

This is also a step towards more active grass-root cultural exchange between the two cities.


Mari Aaltonen (Fin), Arrowgroup (Est), Mila Balti (Est), Britta Benno (Est), Billeneeve (Est), Cleaning Women (Fin), Eleriin Ello (Est), Pauliina Jokela (Fin), Sandra Jõgeva (Est), Jussi Kivi (Fin), Toomas Kuusing (Est), Kaarel Kütas (Est), Katri Meh (Est), Kiwa Noid (Est), Ig Noir (Est), NON GRATA (Est), Kaia Otstak (Est), Kätlin Piile (Est), Katrin Piile (Est), Villu Plink & Silja Saarepuu (Est), Mari Prekup (Est), Pekko Rinkinen (Fin), Meeland Sepp (Est), Johanna Sipilä (Fin), Margus “Sorge” Tiitsmaa (Est), Taave Tuutma (Est), Steve Vanoni (USA/Est), Ville Karel Viirelaid (Est/Fin)

Curator: Johanna Sipilä

The exhibition features 24 Estonian and 6 Finnish artists. All Finnish artists in the show have some personal relationship or interest in Estonia. The exhibition is spread into three artists-run galleries in downtown Helsinki:

Oksasenkatu 11 (Oksasenkatu 11)

Myymälä2 (Uudenmaankatu 23)

Galleri Bergman (Uudenmaankatu 23C, inner)

The exhibitions are open 4. – 19.8.2012 Wed-Sat 12-18, Sun 12-17

Welcome to the opening on Friday 3.8.! There will be performances: Non Grata (Est), Mari Aaltonen (Fin), Kaia Otstak (Est) and C.n.o.p.t (Est / Fin) + Estonian refreshments.

16:00-18:00 at Myymälä2 & Galleri Bergman

18:30 – 22:00 at Oksasenkatu11