Photo by Kamilla Sladowska, from the exhibition “Songs of Life and Death” by Pille Ernesaks, 2022. Curated by Ramiro Camelo.

Myymälä2 is an artist run art gallery, exhibition and event space in the centre of Helsinki dedicated to visual arts, experimental music, performance art and design.

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We only accept proposals and inquiries through our email: info@myymala2.com

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The conditions set below are valid starting from 15.1.2023. Any proposal set following this date must comply with the conditions below.

Main Exhibitions

Myymälä2 hosts an open call for exhibitions in the main space every year in December-January. The exhibitions are chosen by voting by the board members and two or three non-board members. Instructions on how to apply are published every year online before the open call. The exhibitions should preferably be of duration of four weeks, including installation and dismounting. Proposals for shorter and longer periods are also considered.

Myymälä2 has to charge rent for the exhibition space. At the moment the amount (including VAT) is 850 euros/4 weeks. The rent includes supervision of the gallery space during the open hours, digital invitations and promotion at our social media sites. Myymälä2 does not charge commission on sales.

Process Wall

Myymälä2 invites artists to participate in public thinking through its process wall. Process Wall is for premature and process based art projects. The wall is situated in the social space of the gallery and is available to use by an ongoing open proposal for shorter periods. The aim of the wall is to think publicly and also show the process of making works outside of online media platforms. Thus creating points of engagement that grind the process itself through the critical art viewer.

To exhibit on the process wall you may send a proposal to our email address info@myymala2.com. We receive and review applications year round. Exhibitions are booked according to availability. The duration of the exhibition is max. 2 weeks and the space is free of charge. Myymälä2 does not charge commission on sales. See the current process wall lineup here.


Myymälä2 hosts a variety of events ranging from performance and live art to concerts, theater, organizational meetings and book launches. To organize an event you may email us with a proposal or idea: info@myymala2.com. We receive and review proposals year round. Events are booked according to availability and happen outside of the regular opening hours of the space (wed-sat 12:00-18:00, sun 12:00-17:00). The gallery posts promotion of the events at our social media sites.

Myymälä2 charges a fee for events. The fee is set to compensate for the working hours of the staff hosting the event.

Weekdays (wed-fri) 30€ (+VAT 24%)

Weekends (sat-sun) 60€ (+VAT 24%)

Book shop

Myymälä2 has a small shop of independent publishing situated in the social space of the gallery. We accept publications by request via email. Myymälä2 does not charge commission on sales.