Tuulanauhat presents new shortmovie “Screens” in Myymälä2. Descripted as experimental by AVEK, the video is based on visual loops on three screens. The loops, providing repetitive visual theme, are projected on three layers of screens. The Concept of the three screens consist of two parts. First, the two external layers crop and cut the two footage loops. On the middle screen appears the result of crop/cut images as mixed together. Changing the angle of view modifies the vision of the three pictures on the screens.

“Screens” premiere will be held in Myymälä2 for the exhibition opening. For two weeks the video, the actual setup and documentary Tuulanauhat photographies present the completed project. Tuulanauhat will release a 15 minutes VHS-tape, containing the video, the visual loops plus an experimentation with the setup.

People involved: Gregoire Rousseau, Markus Koistinen, Samuli Tanner and Lassi Nikko. Supported by AVEK.