Because The Night Belongs To Lovers

05.07.2008 – 05.28.2008
Paintings / Maalauksia
Uudenmaankatu 23

Tervetuloa avajaisiin ke 7.5. klo 18-
Welcome to the opening 7.5. 18-

music by dj Vilunki 3000

About Silje Heggren:
“Silje Heggren is a Norwegian artist, living and working in Bergen. Her main media is painting. Siljes works is often about young, social people and their relations. In these paintings the subject is brought to life from photos taken in bars and clubs. They show people dancing, drinking and partying. The images are instantly recognizable, but they also invite to further reflection.Who are these hedonistic people,what are their relationship to each other, and are they really as carefree as they seem?

Heggren also works on another series of paintings witch is more abstract in theme. These paintings is about her fascination for the unsolved problem of the perpetual motion machine. In both series color and flatness are leading to the stylish identity of pop-art, and her use of strictly monochrome color-aeries makes her work easy to recognize.

Silje Heggren was born in 1978, and educated at the Academy of fine Art in Bergen and Helsinki where she graduated in 2002. Beside painting, Silje also work as a curator, graphic designer, DJ and musician. She has been working closely with the music scene in Bergen, designing record-sleeves, posters and flyers for labels like PinaDgrett, Smalltown Supersound and Tellè Records.”