ORO & Myymälä2 Gallery proudly present this group exhibition, featuring young Nordic art with it’s focus on storytelling. Visually and thematically, the show introduces a rich and carefully composed variety of sequences, & personal accounts from a selection of young contemporary artists. Nytt Nordiskt Arkiv tries to bring attention to some of the storytellers of our generation and show various expressions and strategies found on the borders between art and literature. After the ground-breaking changes in art that the modernism of the 20th century brought with it (where abstract-, pop-, minimalist-, and conceptual art forever changed our conception of art); it has become possible for a young generation of artists to reinvent narrative art anew. Exploring ways of expression, such as drawing, zine-making, cartoons and animation, their art often emanate from the subjective and personal experiences.
In connection with the exhibition, we will arrange a Zine Symposium, where zine creators from the Nordic countries will participate to show their work. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to see an abundance of new and classic Zines; mingle with the zine creators and look at the ongoing exhibition!
ORO gallery was founded in 2005 as a non-commercial, artist-run gallery. Functioning as studio-collective, as well as gallery, ORO is both projectspace and a creative workplace. ORO works with projects, exhibitions and events. Our main focus is on young contemporary art, and artist with their background in streetculture. Our vision is to create/initiate innovative projects and to produce high-quality exhibitions, with established, as well as emerging artists.

Participating Artists:

Anton Wireaus, Armsrock, Arvid Wretman
Henrik Bromander, Kasper Str�mman, Linda Sp�man
Kim Andr� Hagen & Ragnhild Ohma