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Helsinki Graffiti Blast

K65 crew is the 1st independent non-profit senior street-art group in Finland. The crew is eligible for anyone 65 years of age or older. K65 CREW was founded by V.Jalava, the only underage member still.

Backdoor Assaulters are young and viril urban discoverers exploring the possibiliteies of graffiti in a gallery surrounding for the first time. From here to Hell and back through the backdoor.

Egs is one of the most internationally recognized Graffiti artists from Finland. His career started in the mid 80’s along with the first graffiti wave in Finland. Egs’ art has since been presented in galleries and on walls all over the world.

The Toasters have entertained the streets since 1999, appearing on posters, banners, stickers and murals all over the world from berlin, stockholm, los angeles, san francisco, tokyo, rio de janeiro, sao paulo, buenos aires, montevideo, sydney, new york, paris, peckham. everywhere.
Everywhere documents the last 13 years of the Toasters project. 30min.

In collaboration with Pori Artmuseum