Emelie Luostarinen & Astrid Strömberg


Avajaiset / Vernissage
27.9.2018 18.00

In 2015 we had an exhibition at Myymälä2 called SILENCE, it was right after finishing our first year at the fine art academy in Helsinki. Now when we are starting our final year we wanted to approach the same space. The result is this exhibition, SEQUEL. It is the 2.0 experience. SEQUEL is about distancing ourselves from our younger actions. To let our self to be curios, to play with what could become.

Emelie Luostarinen “Fit” (Carpet)

The performative part is present when entering the work “Fit”. The viewer takes place and becomes part of the work. The green covers the red, the line blurs out and the traces of yesterday disappear. Themes are strongly reflected trough my own existence and appearance.

Astrid Strömberg “Almost a poison, Almost poisoned.” (Spatial painting)

I took a glass and poured some liquid in it. It was half full, no half empty, or… it doesn’t matter, whatever. I took a sip. It was not real. The spatial painting “Almost a poison, Almost poisoned” approach levels of realities. How a multitude of items or information are given their meaning, even if it’s meaningless.